The efficacy of deodeok

Benefits of Fermented Black Deodeok

Hasimjung “fermented black deodeok”

with more than 5 times the efficacy of regular deodeok.



Deodeok is rich in various nutrients, making it a popular food as well as a side dish for rice.

The saponin component contained in deodeok not only discharges inflammatory substances from

the blood vessels, but also has excellent antioxidant action. It helps to prevent

inflammatory diseases by releasing free radicals that cause cell oxidation.

In addition, it is rich in inulin, potassium, and calcium, which are antioxidants, and prevents the

decrease in immunity due to inflammatory reaction. It will help strengthen your immunity.

The abundant saponins of deodeok that help relieve inflammation have similar effects to those of ginseng.

How to consume deodeok is important in order to receive optimal help for inflammation.


Fermented Black Deodeok

Black deodeok made by fermenting common deodeok contains 5 times more saponins than ordinary deodeok,

and polyphenols and flavonoids, which are antioxidants, also showed higher content than general deodeok.

Gu-jeung-gupo (9 time steamed and dried) fermentation shows the effect of improving the absorption

rate in the body as the molecules are split and split.


Why We Steam and Dry Nine Times!


It raises absorption into the human body.

Ginseng or red ginseng contain much saponin

but their actual absorption into the body is not

so high. However, the process of steaming and

drying nine times divides particles,offering

better absorption rate, ideal for the

human body.


It enhances quality of ingredients.

As we repeat the process of steaming and

drying for nine times, one of the key nutritions,

the ginsenoside (known to be effective for

removing blood clots, fatigue, immunity

improvement, relief effect, anti-aging etc.) is

remarkably increased.


It allows long storage.

The process of steaming and drying nine times

formaturing and drying deactivates various

enzymes, resulting in no self-digestion

as well as high stability of product

ingredients and long storage.


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